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DOT Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training
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DOT Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training

This training course provides you with the applicable regulatory supervisory requirements for the following Department of Transportation agencies and their respective regulatory citation:


-Federal Motor Carrier Saftey Administration (FTA) - 49 CFR, Part 382.603
-Federal Transit Authority (FTA) - 49 CFR, Part 655.14
-Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - 14 CFR, Part 120.115
-United States Coast Guard (USCG) - 46 CFR, Part 16.401
-Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) - 49 CFR, Part 199.241

For: All DOT regulated employers wanting to comply with the drug & alcohol testing regulatory requirement for supervisory training. Upon completion of three (3) Training modules + Final Exam questions, a user will be issued a certificate of training.

Course Description: Supervisors will know their role and responsibilities in implementing their company Drug & Alcohol testing program. The user will be able to recognize and identify the problems that may relate to drugs and alcohol in the workplace; detect substance abuse; harmful effects of substance abuse, and execute reasonable suspicion testing. The alcohol training module will provide you with a basic understanding of alcohol abuse, warning signs, and effects on the body, immediate health risks and consequences of alcohol abuse. The drug training module will provide you with a basic understanding drug abuse, warning signs, effects on the body and consequences of drug abuse. You will learn detailed information for each of the specific 5-panel drugs that are tested for, pursuant to DOT regulations.

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