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FMCSA - Employee Drug & Alcohol Regulations Training
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FMCSA - Employee Drug & Alcohol Regulations Training

FMCSA - Employee Drug & Alcohol Training
To comply with All DOT Training Regulations 

For: All DOT - FMCSA regulated employees required to comply with the drug & alcohol testing regulatory requirements.

Course Description: This training module will provide regulated DOT drivers with an overview of the 'Drug and Alcohol Testing Program' that is required by the DOT of your employer. During the presentation you will learn about the roles and responsibilities of individuals as it applies to their position within the drug and alcohol testing process. You will learn about the regulatory guidelines and requirements concerning: performing safety-sensitive functions; prohibited conduct by the DOT regulations; types of testing, how drug tests are administered; what constitutes a refusal to test; and consequences of a positive drug and/or alcohol test result. Further, in the educational portion of the module, you will receive information concerning the effects of alcohol and controlled substances use on an individual's health, work and personal life; addiction; and signs and symptoms of an alcohol or a controlled substance problem.

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