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USCG - Employee Drug & Alcohol Regulations Training
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USCG - Employee Drug & Alcohol Regulations Training

(Training Module: DOT-USCG-ET 14-2)
To comply with USCG Regulations 16.401(a) & (b) 

For: All DOT - USCG regulated employers that need to comply with the drug & alcohol testing regulations for the supervisory and crewmember Employer Assistance Program (EAP) training and education requirements only.

Course Description: This training module will provide regulated marine supervisors and crewmembers the regulatory requirements concerning the required drug and alcohol testing program that must be in place as mandated by the DOT-USCG regulations. Each employee will learn about the common terminology and specific guidelines as it relates to a company program. The module will also provide the user with a basic understanding drug abuse, warning signs, effects on the body and consequences of drug abuse.

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